Traveling the world as an international opera star, Angela Brown noticed something about audiences. “I would see very few people who looked like me,” says Brown. On the surface, it looked like a racial divide, but when Brown performed at school outreach programs across the country, she realized the gap was bigger than race. “Students just aren’t being exposed to opera in schools,” she says. – Classical Music Indy

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Internationally acclaimed soprano Angela Brown understands the positive impact of exposure to classical music for communities where the offering of classical music is rare or the cost of experiencing classical music is prohibitive. While traveling the world for performances, Angela became acutely aware of the lack of Black representation in classical music as well as in the audiences of her performances. 

Her desire to bring high-quality, live music experiences to cultural desserts in the United States compelled her to found Morning Brown, Inc. Through Morning Brown’s programming, Angela is determined to mentor and inspire emerging Black opera singers, plant a seed of promise for potential opera singers, and expose as many people as possible to this art form so they develop a sense of belonging in classical music audiences. From concert presentations to roundtable discussions, Morning Brown partners with organizations that choose how their audiences experience, learn, and enjoy classical music – either for the very first time or in a brand, new way.

So far, Angela Brown has presented educational programs specifically targeted to underserved audiences with 38 organizations in 20 states – from orchestras and opera companies to libraries, schools, and music clubs – with the goal of sharing and teaching audiences, from kindergarten students to those young at heart, about the wonderful world of classical music. The programs have reached over 5,000 elementary and secondary school students and more than 1,000 college/university students. In late 2015, she founded Morning Brown, Inc., to make her mission official and recognized as a nonprofit entity. All of this work has been in addition to her ongoing, international performance career.

Follow Morning Brown and discover the ways we strive to reach underserved communities and schools and encourage young artists and seasoned professionals alike. Let’s start planning together!

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