Morning Brown is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes, including introducing and exposing economically and ethnically diverse and multigenerational audiences to opera and classical music through live and recorded performances in the context of a wide array of musical genres.

Internationally acclaimed soprano Angela Brown understands the positive impact of exposure to classical music for communities where the offering of classical music is rare or the cost of experiencing classical music is prohibitive. This is what compelled her to found Morning Brown, Inc., in 2016, as an umbrella organization providing unconventional musical presentations, unique performing opportunities for students, emerging professionals and professionals, and master classes. Bridging the gap between accessible, live-performance music programs and underserved schools and communities, these live presentations provide an introduction to classical music through innovative and educational encounters, mixing opera arias with other musical genres – spirituals, jazz, popular music – and presenting classical music in a way for general audiences to immediately understand and connect.

Morning Brown strives to secure its place in the world of nonprofits through live performances at a wide array of community-based events and a broad social media presence to help people easily access the arts. It is our mission to spark a child’s imagination, encourage a young adult to be more creative, revitalize a marginalized individual’s spirit, give a parent permission to pursue a lost dream, or ignite a new passion in a senior citizen through music exposure and exploration.

Follow Morning Brown and you’ll learn all the different ways we are trying to reach underserved communities and schools and encourage young artists and seasoned professionals alike.